A 25-Year-Old North Carolina Woman’s Legal Battle Against Doctors for Allegedly Administering Testosterone at the Tender Age of 17

In Gaston County, North Carolina, a 25-year-old woman named Prisha Mosley is taking legal action against a team of doctors and medical professionals, accusing them of putting her on testosterone at the young age of 17 and surgically removing her breasts in the following years. The heart-wrenching lawsuit claims that she was “fast-tracked into transgender care for profit,” when all she truly needed was therapy, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Mosley filed the lawsuit at the Superior Court in Gaston County, seeking justice for what she describes as a deceitful and damaging medical journey. According to her 53-page complaint, the medical team allegedly misled her into believing that testosterone injections would alleviate the mental health struggles she faced as a teenager and even lead her to “grow a penis.” The lawsuit seeks financial damages for the traumatic experiences she endured.

A 25-year-old student from Big Rapids, Michigan, Prisha Mosley’s life took an unforeseen and devastating turn after she sought medical help for her mental health issues and confusion. She describes how she was put on a fast track into transgender care without proper consideration and consultation. Doctors reportedly held brief consultations, one lasting only a few minutes, before recommending cross-sex hormones and a double breast removal.

In her legal complaint, Mosley reveals how the medical professionals allegedly “lied” to her, convincing her that transitioning was the solution to her problems. They neglected to inform her about the potential long-term consequences and damage of these treatments, leaving her with irreversible scars, including a damaged vagina, pain in her neck and shoulders, a deep voice, and excessive body and facial hair. She also fears she may be infertile and unable to breastfeed.

Although she decided to “detransition” and currently lives as a woman, the impact of these medical interventions is profound and lasting. Prisha is seeking financial damages to fund necessary procedures, including laser hair removal and breast reconstruction, to help in her detransitioning journey.

Expressing her motivation for filing the lawsuit, Mosley asserts that more must be done to hold those who cause harm accountable. Her journey to justice seeks to prevent such preventable tragedies from happening to others. In her testimony, she revealed that as a teenager, she “mutilated” her body in an attempt to escape suicidal thoughts. However, the distressing measures failed, and she was left with traumatic memories and scars.

The defendants named in Mosley’s lawsuit include plastic surgeon Eric Emerson, the clinic he worked at, Piedmont Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, Gaston County, counselor Brie Klein-Fowler, and her workplace, Family Solutions. The lawsuit also involves Shana Gordon and the center she worked at, Tree of Life Counseling, and Dr. Martha Perry, along with the provider she worked through, Moses Cone Medical Services.

The allegations against these medical professionals include fraud charges, civil conspiracy, medical malpractice, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and unfair and deceptive trade practices. The lawsuit claims that the medical decisions made by the defendants were not properly informed and disregarded other issues that needed attention.

Prisha Mosley’s story sheds light on the ongoing debate about transgender rights and the practices surrounding medical interventions, especially for minors. As she seeks justice and raises awareness about the consequences of rushed decisions, her lawsuit represents an important step towards greater accountability and compassion in the medical field.

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