At Long Last, The New York Times Finally Admits Joe Biden Lied

The stunning testimony of Devon Archer before Congress has forced even The New York Times, often seen as protecting Joe Biden, to confront the truth. ( Archer’s revelation exposed a significant contrast to the president’s previous denials about having any knowledge of his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. It turns out that Joe Biden would regularly speak with his son’s business partners, presenting proof that Hunter could offer the influence and access he promised to foreign entities. ( This revelation puts Biden’s past claims in doubt, including his statement during a 2020 presidential debate that Hunter never made money from China. ( The Times, in acknowledging Biden’s falsehoods, still attempted to soften the blow with misleading language and by claiming the information was already known. ( (

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For years, the mainstream press, including The New York Times, had seemingly ignored the story, leaving it to be covered by right-leaning outlets like RedState. Now that the undeniable truth is exposed, the Times resorts to asserting that the information has long been known, as if it were old news. ( The tactic of brushing off major stories and labeling them as old news after finally admitting the truth is a familiar strategy used by mainstream media outlets. (

As politically mature readers, we must grapple with the implications of this revelation and the media’s role in shaping public perception. The journey of uncovering the truth, facing denials, and finally reaching a point of acknowledgment is a testament to the power of persistent reporting and the importance of an informed electorate. We invite you to share your thoughts and perspectives on this news in the comments section. Let us engage in an emotional and meaningful discussion about the responsibility of the media and the significance of truth in the political landscape.

James Julian

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