Ben Cohen’s first wife Abby reveals that she was suffering from only ‘one symptom’ before cancer diagnosis

Tragic news has struck as Abby, the ex-wife of Ben Cohen, has been diagnosed with cancer. The 44-year-old professional photographer, who shares two children with Cohen, shared a poignant video on her Instagram account documenting her journey with the illness, describing it as the most challenging experience she has faced.

In the video, Abby bravely walks into a hospital, undergoing various tests and treatments. Several heart-wrenching clips show her in a hospital bed, wearing a stoma bag, surrounded by her loved ones.

Taking to Instagram, Abby shared her story, revealing that she sought medical attention after experiencing a single symptom. She did not disclose the specific location of the cancer.

“This has been and continues to be the toughest battle. I consider myself unlucky, but also lucky, to have been alerted by just one symptom of this terrible illness,” Abby wrote in the caption of her post.

Expressing her gratitude, she thanked the NHS for saving her life and providing care during a time when she felt scared and vulnerable. Abby urged her followers to never ignore warning signs from their bodies, emphasizing that she acted on them and it has given her a chance to live her new life. She expressed hope that, with time and proper treatment, this challenging experience will become a distant memory.

Abby and Ben share twin 15-year-old daughters, Harriette and Isabelle, who have been a pillar of support during their mother’s hospitalization, as seen in the video.

Ben, a former England Rugby player, and Abby were married for 11 years before their separation in 2014. Following their split, Ben formed a relationship with his Strictly Come Dancing partner, Kristina Rihanoff, with whom he welcomed a daughter named Mila in 2016.

Abby introduced her new partner, David, to the public in 2020. In a previous interview with MailOnline, she expressed her desire to be recognized for her own accomplishments rather than as Ben’s ex-wife. Abby emphasized her independence, strength, and identity as a talented photographer and a devoted mother to her two daughters.

Throughout this challenging time, Abby has continued to commend Ben for his role as a fantastic, hands-on father to their children.

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