Biden bigs refuse to sign off on NYC military site for migrants, leaving Hochul red-faced: sources

In the unfolding narrative of immigration challenges, a stark twist has left Governor Kathy Hochul of New York facing a moment of unexpected embarrassment. ( Amidst the urgency of addressing the surge of migrants, the Biden administration’s refusal to endorse the use of Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field as a shelter becomes a poignant chapter. ( The stage was set for Hochul’s personal pitch to the federal authorities, as she engaged in a morning call with prominent figures including Deputy Secretary of the Interior Tommy Beaudreau. The hope of an imminent announcement, carefully prepared by her office, painted the backdrop for her aspirations to provide a much-needed sanctuary for migrants. Yet, the unexpected refusal by the Democratic White House administration shook Hochul, revealing the complexities that lay beneath the surface.

Photo credit: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul was set to announce a deal with federal officials to house migrants at a former military air base at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn — until the feds balked at approving it yet, sources said.

The curtain rises on a tale of political dynamics and earnest intentions. Hochul’s endeavor aimed to alleviate the overwhelming influx of migrants besieging the city, an endeavor that resonated deeply within the Democratic echelons. As the pieces of the puzzle are pieced together, the intricacies of power dynamics come into play. The intent was to seize the 1,000-acre former military airfield, Floyd Bennett Field, and repurpose it as a space to accommodate migrants. ( ( The goal, though noble, was met with a jarring blow as the administration cited “operational and legal” concerns as grounds for their refusal. The echoes of this decision reverberate across the political arena, leaving Hochul to navigate a complex terrain.

Photo credit: Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, a former military installation, is now overseen by the US National Park Service.

Hochul’s response to this unexpected twist bears the weight of resilience and determination. ( Speaking after participating in Manhattan’s Dominican Day Parade, Hochul’s words unveil the tenacity with which she has pursued this endeavor. The journey spans months, culminating in a call to iron out logistics, legal complexities, and potential obstacles. Hochul’s acknowledgment of the evolving nature of this process reflects the determination that has fueled her efforts. ( The path ahead remains uncertain, but her commitment remains unwavering. (

Photo credit: Thousands of migrants seeking asylum have been flooding over the US border with Mexico, with as many as 100,000 eventually being bused to New York City since spring 2022.

Amidst the uncertainty, a source from the state offers insight into the ongoing efforts. The plan for Floyd Bennett Field is far from abandoned; it remains an active pursuit. The readiness to contribute to the activation of the site remains resolute, a testament to the commitment to addressing the migrant crisis. As the tale unfolds, the shadows of financial concerns and practical logistics loom large. How many migrants could be accommodated at the site and who would bear the financial burden emerge as key considerations that demand resolution. (

Photo credit: Migrants housed at the Sacred Heart Church in El Paso, Texas, spend some time outside during the day.

Against the backdrop of this intricate narrative, we invite you, our discerning readers, to share your perspectives on this unfolding saga. ( What are your thoughts on the Biden administration’s refusal to endorse the use of Floyd Bennett Field for housing migrants? Do you believe that the concerns raised regarding operational and legal aspects are valid, or do you perceive other forces at play? ( The resonance of this decision reverberates far beyond the political sphere, shaping the lives of those directly affected. As the dialogue continues, your insights enrich the discourse, offering nuanced perspectives that contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities that intertwine within the realm of immigration and governance.

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