California Bans Candy Including Skittles

In a move that has left Californians both bewildered and bereft of their favorite candies, Governor Gavin Newsom has taken a step that’s shaking up the Golden State. With a swift stroke of the pen, he signed AB 418 into law, effectively drawing the curtain on beloved treats like Skittles within California’s borders. It’s a move that’s sending shockwaves through the candy aisles, and it all centers on those additives we often overlook – brominated vegetable oil, potassium bromate, propylparaben, and red dye 3. ( (

But it’s not just the ingredients that are changing; it’s the entire candy landscape within California. As of January 1, 2027, the familiar rainbow of Skittles, once a staple of countless childhoods and guilty pleasures, will vanish from the shelves. Any products containing these now-restricted additives, once joyously consumed by young and old alike, will be banished from manufacturing, sale, delivery, distribution, and even the mere act of offering them for sale within the state.

For those with a penchant for candy-coated nostalgia, this move by Governor Newsom feels like a bitter pill to swallow. ( Skittles, the candy that brought color to our lives and sweetness to our tongues, is no longer welcome in the state that embraced it for years.

The question that lingers, like the taste of an unfulfilled craving, is why? Why has California chosen to strip away these sugary delights, to rob its citizens of the simple pleasures found in the candy aisle? Governor Newsom’s office, in a statement released after the bill’s signing, suggests that these changes are necessary.

But the bitter truth is that brands like Skittles have already found ways to modify their recipes, to adapt to international markets by stripping away these now-banned substances. It’s a paradox, one that leaves Californians yearning for the candies they once savored without worry, while other parts of the world enjoy them without restraint.

As the candy aisles grow emptier and the flavors of our favorite treats fade into memory, Californians are left to ponder the price of progress. ( Will the removal of these additives lead to a healthier, happier population? Or is it a bittersweet sacrifice, one that leaves us wondering if we’ll ever taste the rainbow again in quite the same way?

James Julian

James is a former journalist and a current author, independent writer, entrepreneur, and investor.

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