DeSantis refuses to answer if he would support Trump if he became GOP candidate

Following his address in Tampa, Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis found himself evading a direct response to a reporter’s inquiry about whether he would unequivocally endorse Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for the presidency. When asked if he would commit to supporting Trump “100 percent” as the GOP nominee, DeSantis deflected the question, choosing to emphasize his state’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic instead.

DeSantis began by refuting comparisons between Florida and New York, specifically mentioning Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 response. He criticized the notion that Cuomo fared better than Florida in managing the pandemic, calling it baseless and implying that such claims lacked credibility. The governor reminded his audience of the praise he received in 2020 and 2021 for Florida’s approach, highlighting how individuals from across the country flocked to the state due to its openness. According to DeSantis, Trump himself commended Florida’s efforts during those times.

However, DeSantis questioned Trump’s sudden change in tune, suggesting that the former president’s current remarks contradict his previous statements. He implied that Trump’s recent criticisms stemmed from political motivations rather than a genuine assessment of Florida’s COVID response. DeSantis further emphasized that most Republicans, if given the choice, would not prefer to be under Cuomo’s leadership during the pandemic.

The governor maintained that Trump’s current claims lacked validity, asserting that they are working against him since he had previously praised Florida’s handling of the crisis. DeSantis accused Trump of backtracking and distorting the truth to align with a new narrative, which the governor deemed false.

While DeSantis avoided directly addressing his support for Trump as the GOP nominee, he seized the opportunity to defend his administration’s actions and emphasize the favorable aspects of Florida’s response to the pandemic. By shifting the focus to his state’s achievements, DeSantis attempted to divert attention from the question at hand.

As political observers dissect the governor’s response, the absence of a clear endorsement raises speculation about the complexities and dynamics within the Republican Party. With the 2024 presidential race on the horizon, the positioning of key figures like DeSantis and Trump will undoubtedly continue to shape the party’s trajectory. Only time will tell how these interactions and underlying tensions will ultimately impact the Republican landscape.

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