Donald Trump is the best golfing player and president ever, hit one of the worst shanks ever

In a recent video published on social media, former President Donald Trump’s golf skills came under scrutiny as he took a swing on the course at Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles. The footage captured an errant shot that veered far right of the green, prompting onlookers to quietly remark on the missed mark.

As the camera rolled, a spectator could be heard whispering, “Trump’s shooting right now, let’s see if he can hit the green… Oh, he shanked it.” The ball sailed off-course, landing near a bunker, surrounded by trees and bushes—a rather disappointing shot considering his proximity to the green.

Trump, often touted as one of the more proficient golfing presidents, now faces questions regarding the accuracy of his reported handicap. According to Golf Digest, he currently holds a handicap of 2.5, but critics wonder if this rating may be somewhat generous for the 77-year-old former president, who has reportedly not posted any scores since 2021.

The video of Trump’s wayward shot has sparked discussions on social media platforms, with one person questioning on Twitter, “[Did] you watch Trump play golf? He claims to be a 4 handicap, but still makes shots like this.”

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Rick Reilly’s book, “Commander in Cheat,” delves into Trump’s relationship with golf and raises inquiries about his handicap. Former professional golfer Brad Faxon, a supporter and frequent playing partner of Trump’s, has described him as a “legit 10.” LPGA Hall-of-Famer Annika Sorenstam echoed this sentiment, placing Trump in the “9 or 10” handicap range.

In 2019, Golf Digest ranked Trump as the best golfing president of all time, considering his handicap and 19 club championship victories as evidence. The outlet praised his ball-striking ability, with Trump himself asserting that his putting skills are a standout aspect of his game.

For Trump, golf has often served as an escape from the pressures of his life. In April, while facing arraignment in Manhattan for the Stormy Daniels case, he was seen golfing at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Even as he embarks on another presidential campaign in 2023, Trump has continued to indulge in his passion for the sport.

Moreover, Trump has been a vocal supporter of the controversial PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger, a topic he enthusiastically addressed on his Truth Social account. With his involvement in hosting four LIV Golf events, Trump celebrated the deal, hailing it as “GREAT NEWS FROM LIV GOLF” and a “BIG, BEAUTIFUL, AND GLAMOROUS DEAL FOR THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF GOLF.”

As Trump’s golfing skills draw attention and his reported handicap raises questions, the world of politics and golf converge, highlighting the complexities and nuances that exist beyond the realm of policy and governance. The former president’s love for the sport continues to capture public interest, adding another layer to the tapestry of his multifaceted persona.

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