Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect’s Past Involvement with Trump Organization Revealed: Architectural Work at Trump Building on 40 Wall Street

In a surprising twist, it has been reported that Rex Heuermann, the suspect in the infamous Gilgo Beach murders, was once hired by the Trump Organization for architectural work. The New York Post brought to light this connection, revealing that Heuermann’s involvement was related to plumbing work on the 17th floor of the prestigious Trump Building at 40 Wall Street. According to official records from the Department of Buildings in 2018, the projected cost for the plumbing project was an impressive $205,017.00.

However, the focus on Heuermann’s past work with the Trump Organization comes amidst much darker circumstances. On July 13, Heuermann, now 59 years old, was arrested and charged with shocking allegations, including two counts each of first and second-degree murder. These charges are linked to the deaths of three young women: Melissa Barthelemy (24 years old), Amber Lynn Costello (22 years old), and Megan Waterman (27 years old). Their lifeless bodies were discovered on a desolate Long Island beach a haunting 13 years ago.

To add to the unsettling picture, Heuermann is considered the prime suspect in the death of 25-year-old Maureen Brainard-Barnes. The circumstances surrounding these cases are chilling, and Heuermann has maintained his innocence, entering a plea of not guilty.

As the investigation continues, questions arise about Heuermann’s past and the intersection of his life with such high-profile entities as the Trump Organization. The revelations shed a new light on the suspect, making the case even more enigmatic.

In a case filled with mystery and horror, the ties between Heuermann and the Trump Organization add an intriguing layer to an already captivating story. The public eagerly awaits further developments in this chilling tale of crime and its haunting connection to a prominent architectural project.

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