Jim Jordan Drops Huge Update on Jan. 6 After Development With Department of Justice

In the heart of our nation’s capital, where democracy should stand resolute and unshaken, shadows of intrigue and suspicion loom large. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, a stalwart of the Republican Party, has embarked on a quest for truth, a quest that may very well unravel one of the darkest chapters in recent American history. In a letter that reverberates with gravitas, he addresses none other than the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray. What he reveals in this epistolary missive is a revelation that sends shockwaves through the hallowed halls of the United States Capitol, even as it sheds light on a disconcerting reality – the potential use of confidential human sources (CHS) by the FBI during the tumultuous events of January 6, 2021.

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The mere suggestion that the FBI might have engaged these confidential human sources, not just from their usual home base in Washington, D.C., but from field offices far beyond, sends tremors through the core of this nation’s belief in the sanctity of its institutions. For it hints at a clandestine web, spun out of sight, where oversight faltered, and perhaps, where darkness thrived. It is a revelation that sparks curiosity and concern, one that calls for unwavering attention.

Yet, it doesn’t stop at the mere revelation of potential CHS involvement. Jordan, a tenacious interrogator of the law’s keepers, drew Attorney General Merrick Garland into the spotlight. During a recent testimony, Jordan pressed Garland relentlessly for a briefing, for documents that could reveal the extent to which CHSs played a role in the harrowing events of that fateful January day. His call for transparency and accountability echoed through the hallowed halls of the Capitol, resonating with those who yearn for justice. (

But it was the testimony of Steven D’Antuono, the former Assistant Director-in-Charge of the Washington Field Office (WFO), that unleashed the torrent of questions and doubts. D’Antuono, in a moment of revelation, disclosed that the FBI had prior knowledge of the presence of some of its CHSs at the Capitol on January 6. ( The agents from various field offices and informants acting independently cast a shadow of suspicion over the events, leaving us to question the role of the FBI, the very agency tasked with safeguarding our democracy.

In the delicate dance of testimony and revelation, Jordan quoted D’Antuono, shedding light on a moment of unsettling truth. A CHS from the Kansas City Field Office had been on the ground, amidst the chaos and commotion of that fateful day. They had communicated with their handler, reporting their efforts to intervene and mitigate certain actions within the crowd. The implications are as ominous as they are unsettling – it suggests that the FBI may have lost control, that their informants, particularly the CHSs, may have operated beyond their purview. (

It doesn’t stop at testimonies and quotes; the narrative takes a more chilling turn. The Federalist, an outlet known for its independent voice, was among the first to report the presence of FBI operatives within the Capitol riot crowd. J. Michael Waller, a senior analyst at the Center for Security Policy, took note of the organized nature of the attack. He saw plainclothes militants donning Trump and MAGA attire leading the charge. Agents-provocateurs, their intentions shrouded in mystery, seemed to encourage the marchers to gather tightly around the Capitol. And then there were those individuals wearing Trump or MAGA hats backward, potential agents of chaos sowing discord. A disciplined, uniformed column of attackers, equipped with helmets and GoPro cameras, added a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a prominent voice in American media, also chimed in with reports from his sources. They, too, indicated the presence of numerous federally managed operatives within the crowd. The question echoes loudly, like a gavel’s resounding strike – what role did these informants play, knowingly or unknowingly, in the unfolding events that would forever scar the annals of American history?

As Jordan’s letter to FBI Director Wray reverberates through the corridors of power, it raises questions that demand answers. Questions about the FBI’s reliance on CHSs during the tumultuous events of January 6, 2021. Questions about their ability, or lack thereof, to control and monitor these informants effectively. It underscores the urgent need for transparency and accountability regarding the actions of the FBI in the lead-up to and during that fateful day.

In the relentless pursuit of truth, the nation watches and waits. The events of January 6, 2021, have etched their indelible mark on the collective consciousness, a stark reminder of the fragility of democracy. The quest for answers, for clarity in the midst of shadows and uncertainty, is a quest that transcends political lines. ( For it is in the truth that we find solace, in accountability that we find redemption. And as the days unfold, we can only hope that these revelations guide us toward a future where the principles of democracy stand strong, unshaken by the storms of the past.

James Julian

James is a former journalist and a current author, independent writer, entrepreneur, and investor.

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