MAGA ‘Prophet’ Predicts Major Attack Coming on U.S.

In the realm of prophecies and politics, a self-proclaimed “prophet” named Julie Green stirs a storm, making bold predictions that send shivers down the collective spine of the politically mature. With unwavering fervor for the MAGA movement, Green offers a glimpse into a future tinged with peril, claiming that an impending “attack” looms over the United States. (newsweek.com) Her words, though met with skepticism by many, carry a gravity that cannot be ignored, resonating especially in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s legal battles, which he characterizes as “persecution.”

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In a legal landscape fraught with complexities, Trump stands as the central figure, entangled in a web of 91 felony criminal counts across four separate indictments this year. (newsweek.com) While the courtroom becomes his battleground, he raises his voice, decrying political “persecution” and shouting accusations of “election interference.” And in the midst of these contentious legal proceedings, Pastor Julie Green steps forward, claiming a divine message that predicts a cataclysmic “attack.”

In a video shared on her Rumble account, Green voices her conviction, one guided by her belief in a higher power. She asserts that God, in all His divine wisdom, has whispered a prophecy into her ear—an attack of unprecedented magnitude looms, ready to assail the very foundations of the nation. Green’s words echo with the weight of a grim premonition, foretelling an attempt to sever the lifeblood of the United States, to annihilate the very essence of its being.

In her prophetic vision, she paints a picture of a calamity so colossal that its scars would never heal. The very core of the nation would be shattered, irreparably damaged, and its future cast in shadows of uncertainty. The magnitude of this impending catastrophe is beyond imagination, a colossal storm that seems insurmountable. (newsweek.com)

But as the words flow from her lips, she offers a glimmer of hope, a twist in the narrative that promises redemption. She foresees a scenario where this impending doom would falter, where the attack, mighty as it may be, would crumble at the feet of the very nation it sought to destroy. (newsweek.com) (newsweek.com) Green’s prophecy paints a vivid image of the United States rallying, unifying in the face of adversity, and emerging stronger than ever before. The calamity, it seems, would become the crucible that reforges the nation.

Julie Green’s message, delivered with unwavering conviction, speaks of vindication. (glonme.com) With references to a “David,” she appears to draw a clear parallel to former President Trump. She narrates God’s decree that the ex-president would find himself vindicated and that his civil fraud trial in New York would dissolve into nothingness. In her vision, God reassures “David” that justice will prevail, and every wrongdoing against him will crumble to dust. (glonme.com)

A critical facet of her message revolves around a claim, one that cradles a spark of hope amid the controversy. She asserts that “80 percent” of Trump’s New York trial has already been dismissed, echoing a claim once uttered by the former president himself, a claim subsequently rebutted by the court. Yet, in the currents of her prophecy, this statistic remains a beacon of faith, a fragment of redemption. (glonme.com)

But Green’s message isn’t confined to the courtroom; it spans a broader canvas. She weaves her words with threads of conspiracy, invoking the controversial QAnon theories. Her words allude to clandestine trials of undisclosed “enemies,” trials held under the shroud of secrecy. The word “treason” emerges as a recurring refrain, a specter of reckoning lurking in the shadows. (newsweek.com) In her vision, lines are drawn, and many, she claims, shall join them, brought to justice for their alleged deeds against the nation. Her voice trembles with a solemn warning – the echoing call of “treason.”

She ardently insists that her prophecies should not be dismissed as a conspiracy, for she is merely the messenger. The words, she claims, are not her own but a divine message, whispered to her by God Himself. She underscores that the elements of this prophecy are already in motion, obscured from our view but very much in motion, part of a grand design beyond our comprehension. (newsweek.com)

Julie Green’s journey as a prophet has been punctuated by her embrace of the MAGA narrative, weaving a tapestry of words that resonate with the echoes of pro-Trump conspiracy theories. (rumble.com) Her message, while divisive, holds a power that extends beyond mere rhetoric; it inspires and instills emotions, igniting hope and fervor in the hearts of many who seek solace in her prophetic visions.

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