Maggie Haberman’s Team Drops Bombshell Trump Election Plot Memo To ‘Deprive Biden Of Electoral Votes’

In a riveting revelation that has sent shockwaves through both political and media realms, an undisclosed source has unearthed a previously hidden memo, shedding light on a strategic effort to upend the 2020 presidential election results and keep then-President Donald Trump in power. (mediaite.com) This breathtaking saga of subterfuge and intrigue has come to the forefront, with New York Times correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman, along with her team, bringing this stunning memo to the public’s attention. The memo outlines a detailed strategy to use fraudulent slates of electors as a means to subvert the election outcome and maintain Trump’s presidency, adding a chilling layer to the events that transpired before and on January 6, 2021. The very heart of American democracy quivers as this revelation forces us to confront the darker corners of political power and manipulation. (glonme.com)

As the drama unfolds, it has emerged that former President Donald Trump faces a grand jury indictment spearheaded by Special Counsel Jack Smith. The indictment delineates a series of grave charges stemming from Trump’s audacious endeavor to undermine the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s victory. The charges include conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights. (nytimes.com) The gravity of these accusations reverberates as we delve into the memo that was uncovered as part of this investigation, illuminating a calculated strategy that sent shivers down the spine of democracy. (techrevolution.in) (courtlistener.com)

The pivotal piece of evidence that came to light in the indictment was a memo composed by Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro. (am13.mediaite.com) This memo, which has now seen the light of day, reveals a meticulously crafted plan to employ false slates of electors in a bid to manipulate the electoral process and perpetuate Trump’s presidency. The memo, a critical link in the chain of events leading to this indictment, paints a disturbing picture of calculated efforts to undermine the sanctity of the electoral process.

The detailed account of the memo, shared by the reporting team of Haberman, Charlie Savage, and Luke Broadwater, outlines how a lawyer aligned with Trump’s interests outlined a plan that could have seismic implications for the nation’s democratic fabric. This lawyer, Kenneth Chesebro, acknowledged that the strategy he was proposing was audacious and likely to be rejected by the Supreme Court. (glonme.com) (techrevolution.in) However, he contended that this bold strategy could serve a dual purpose: focus public attention on allegations of voter fraud and extend the Trump campaign’s legal battles to delay the finality of the election result. (glonme.com)

In his own words, Chesebro lays out the scheme within the memo:

“Even if, in the end, the Supreme Court would likely end up ruling that the power to count the votes… does not lie with the President of the Senate… letting matters play out this way would guarantee that public attention would be riveted on the evidence of electoral abuses by the Democrats, and would also buy the Trump campaign more time to win litigation that would deprive Biden of electoral votes and/or add to Trump’s column.” (mp.newsbreakapp.com)

The memo serves as a chilling reminder of the intricate manipulations that can occur beneath the surface of the political landscape. It reveals a calculated endeavor that, even if unsuccessful in the long run, aimed to sow doubt, confusion, and division within the nation’s electoral system. It casts a stark light on the lengths to which some might go to achieve their political goals, and the alarming implications that such strategies can have on the very foundations of democracy. (glonme.com) (washingtonpost.com)

The source behind this gripping revelation remains undisclosed, yet the credibility of the discovery rests on the shoulders of Maggie Haberman, a seasoned journalist with a wide-ranging network of contacts. The questions loom large: who was behind the memo’s creation, what prompted this audacious plan, and to what extent did it influence the trajectory of events leading up to January 6, 2021? (techrevolution.in)

As this astonishing saga continues to unfold, we invite our readers to join in the conversation. What are your thoughts on this newfound memo and the revelations it brings to light? How does this revelation shape your understanding of the events surrounding the 2020 election? The intricate interplay of political strategy, public perception, and the pursuit of power has rarely been so exposed. We encourage you to share your reflections as we collectively navigate this uncharted territory and grapple with the implications of this memo on the fabric of American democracy.

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