Megyn Kelley EXPOSES a major journalist who is SUPPORTING Hamas terror

In a world riddled with seemingly endless atrocities, where the line between humanity and inhumanity blurs, one chilling truth emerges – the resilience of support for Hamas. The horrors that unfold under their banner are enough to haunt the conscience, and yet, the left’s unwavering support for this terror organization bewilders the very soul. As Megyn Kelly bears witness to the unspeakable horrors, her voice trembles with a mixture of disbelief and despair. “The women, the babies, they are being murdered. They are being beheaded. The elderly ladies sitting and waiting for the bus are being shot multiple times by machine guns, and they’re posting the pictures online.” The weight of these words hangs heavy in the air, for these aren’t mere stories; they are nightmarish realities.

Yet, in the midst of this darkness, a ray of troubling revelation pierces through. While these horrifying images circulate, the echoes of support for the oppressors ring from unexpected corners. Megyn Kelly’s disbelief takes a palpable form as she uncovers an astonishing reality. ( “There are Washington Post journalists liking tweets that say things like: ‘What did you think decolonization meant? (

A troubling curtain falls over the author of those callous words, Najmia Sharif, a self-proclaimed “Somali savant from Minnesota.” Her actions serve as a stark reminder that not all adversaries in the realm of policy or ideology are born of evil intent. However, in supporting the murder of innocent women and children, one crosses into a territory so dark and heinous that it transcends mere policy disputes. “That was a bridge too far for me,” declares Kelly, her voice filled with the weight of her revelation. (

As the conversation unfolds, Megyn Kelly cannot fathom the perspective that paints Israeli citizens as anything less than human beings. ( It’s not merely about their Jewish identity; it transcends religious or ethnic boundaries; it’s about humanity. “It’s about the humanity thing,” she exclaims. ( “Where is your humanity?” It’s a question that cuts deep into the soul, probing the depths of human empathy.

Dave Rubin, listening to Kelly’s impassioned words, finds himself grappling with the ‘Hamas caucus,’ a term used to describe members of “The Squad” and those who align themselves against Israel. These are individuals, in Rubin’s view, who weaponize the principles of free speech in a manner that defies the very essence of humanity. “If you constantly defend people who are calling for genocide and murder and beheading babies and everything else and always excusing it,” Rubin contends, “I think we’re veering into something else.” The implications are dire, and the need for clarity and understanding is paramount.

Megyn Kelly, despite the darkness of these revelations, finds a glimmer of optimism. She believes it is a good thing, almost cathartic, to see these individuals post such shocking statements. Their words, she notes, serve as an undeniable testament to their true beliefs. “It’s kind of good to see them posting these statements and really taking away all doubt. It’s wonderful actually,” Kelly asserts, “now we’ll always have these statements, so we can always dismiss all of their arguments because we understand that these are vile people.”

In the cacophony of ideological clashes and impassioned debates, the significance of humanity often gets lost in the noise. The horrors perpetuated by Hamas and the intricacies of Middle Eastern politics sometimes overshadow the fundamental question that Megyn Kelly poses – “Where is your humanity?” In a world rife with division, perhaps it’s a question we should all consider as we navigate the treacherous waters of ideology, policy, and humanity’s shared journey.

James Julian

James is a former journalist and a current author, independent writer, entrepreneur, and investor.

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