‘Monster’ sent to prison for what he did to a child while babysitting child in South Carolina, sheriff says

A South Carolina man’s heinous actions have led to a heart-wrenching case of child exploitation, leaving a 4-year-old girl traumatized and a community in shock. Martin Lee Dickert, while babysitting the young girl and several other children, committed unspeakable acts, secretly recording inappropriate videos of the innocent child. He pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. The incident took place on September 18, 2020, in the Whitmire area of Newberry County, leaving deep scars on the victim and her family. (

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The investigation revealed the horrifying truth that Dickert had recorded videos of the young girl’s private parts, including distressing images of him touching her. When the victim’s mother returned home, the 4-year-old bravely disclosed what had happened, exposing the unimaginable violation she had endured. The immediate revelation led to Dickert’s arrest for criminal sexual conduct, to which he casually responded that he was merely babysitting, seemingly oblivious to the gravity of his reprehensible actions.

Subsequent investigations into Dickert’s cell phone unearthed 44 distressing images, including over 30 videos of the young victim. ( Confronted with this irrefutable evidence, Dickert confessed to having made the recordings, further solidifying the depravity of his actions. The Newberry County Sheriff, Lee Foster, described the case as one of the most disgusting and horrific he has encountered throughout his law enforcement career. The shock and outrage within the community are palpable, as they grapple with the disturbing reality that such monsters exist among them.

The courtroom proceedings led to a measure of justice, with Dickert being sentenced to 45 years in the South Carolina Department of Corrections. ( ( His sentencing includes 10 years for criminal sexual conduct with a minor and seven years for each of the five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, to be served consecutively. While this may provide some solace to the victim’s family and the community at large, the scars from this traumatic experience will undoubtedly linger for a lifetime. (

As readers, we cannot ignore the emotional weight of this case and its far-reaching implications. The heinous acts perpetrated against an innocent child shatter our sense of safety and raise questions about the need for better protection measures for vulnerable members of society. While justice has been served in this instance, it remains vital to reflect on how such atrocities can be prevented in the future and how we, as a society, can create a safer environment for our children.

We invite you, as politically mature individuals, to share your thoughts and feelings on this emotionally charged news article in the comments below. How can we better protect our children from such predators? What steps do you believe should be taken to ensure swift justice and support for victims of child exploitation? Let us come together in compassion and empathy, seeking ways to protect the most vulnerable among us and striving to create a future free from such atrocities.

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