“No One Is Safe,” Joe Biden’s “Terrified” Aides Said When Asked Why They Never Go to Meetings Alone

In the hallowed corridors of the White House, behind the closed doors where decisions that shape a nation are made, a startling revelation has emerged. It’s a revelation that cuts through the carefully crafted image of President Joe Biden and exposes a side of him that many had not seen—the side that erupts in explosive anger, lacing the air with profanities, and leaving those who witness it stunned and shaken.

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Behind the scenes, some of President Biden’s own staff members are treading on eggshells, desperate to avoid one-on-one encounters with him. The reason? His fiery temper, his penchant for outbursts that can shake the walls of the Oval Office. Some even go to the extent of seeking solace in the presence of a coworker, perhaps as a shield against the torrent of his anger.

Current and former members of Biden’s staff have broken their silence, testifying to the frequency and severity of these outbursts. (t.co) They recount phrases that reverberate with indignation: “God dammit, how the f**k don’t you know this?!” “Don’t f**king bullsh*t me!” “Get the f**k out of here!” It’s a side of the President that few had glimpsed, and the accounts paint a picture that diverges sharply from the calm and composed demeanor he often presents to the world.

But the revelation doesn’t stop there. It appears that President Biden’s fiery language isn’t reserved solely for political adversaries or the media; it extends to his own employees. In a bizarre twist, some in the media have even spun these revelations as confirmation of his abilities. Tim Miller of The Bulwark, for instance, seemed to suggest that if the President did indeed throw a memorable fit over the performance of his COVID czar, it was somehow a good thing. And there were others who chimed in with their peculiar accolades, with Matthew Yglesias arguing that Biden’s expectations of his staff were “smart practice.”

Yet, what we’re dealing with here isn’t just a case of unpredictable outbursts. (inquisitr.com) Biden’s fury takes the form of heated interrogations, making aides feel like they’re traversing a treacherous terrain in this White House. They assert that being yelled at by the President is practically a rite of passage in the administration, a strange badge of honor that suggests his respect.

In fact, a tale from the not-so-distant past gives a vivid glimpse into this explosive demeanor. Responding to a Fox News reporter’s query about inflation, President Biden used the phrase “stupid son of a b****” right in front of the reporter. (nypost.com) Whether he was aware that his microphone was still live remains unclear, but the incident was captured for posterity. The exchange went down in history as an inadvertent moment of truth, laying bare the raw frustration that occasionally simmers beneath the President’s surface.

Peter Doocy, the Fox News White House correspondent at the center of the exchange, was the target of these heated words. He had asked, “Do you think inflation is a political liability going into the midterms?” The President’s muttered response was, “No, it’s a great asset. More inflation. What a stupid son of a b****.” Peter Doocy later recounted that he couldn’t hear the President’s words above the tumultuous shouts of White House press wranglers and had to rely on other reporters to tell him what had transpired.

Doocy’s presence on “Hannity” and subsequent revelations shed more light on this episode. (cbsnews.com) In a surprising twist, the President himself reached out to him afterward and said, “It’s nothing personal, pal.” An intriguing attempt to smooth over a contentious moment, suggesting that even amidst the heated exchanges, there’s room for reconciliation. (glonme.com)

Reactions to this revelation have been swift and fierce, spanning the political spectrum. Donald Trump Jr. was quick to dismiss the story, suggesting it was crafted to downplay concerns about President Biden’s mental acuity. (glonme.com) (inquisitr.com) Steve Cortes, the national spokesman for pro-Ron DeSantis, lashed out, labeling Biden as “corrupt to the core” and a “scumbag liar.” Ronny Jackson, a prominent figure, called out the media’s spin on the issue, stating that if it were anyone else, being screamed and cursed at would be condemned, yet with Biden, it’s oddly being framed as “a sign of leadership.”

In the realm of politics, where optics often overshadow realities, this revelation of President Biden’s temper offers a rare, unvarnished glimpse into the inner workings of the Oval Office. It lays bare a facet of leadership that will undoubtedly be a topic of heated debate in the days and weeks to come. For a nation navigating its way through complex challenges, it serves as a stark reminder that even at the highest echelons of power, emotions run deep, and words spoken in the heat of the moment can have far-reaching consequences. (nypost.com) (glonme.com)

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