Pence Left Baffled and Embarrassed After Failed Attempt to Pump His Own Gas, Becomes Laughingstock

In a moment that has ignited a frenzy of online ridicule and amusement, former Vice President Mike Pence has found himself at the center of a social media storm. The incident took place on August 8, 2023, when Pence, amidst his campaign trail in Londonderry, New Hampshire, released a campaign video that aimed to showcase his energy strategy and evoke nostalgic sentiments for the era of lower gas prices during the Trump administration. However, what was intended to be a compelling display of the “Pence Plan” quickly turned into an awkward spectacle, setting social media platforms abuzz with biting commentary and hilarious memes. (

The video, in which Pence emerges from a red pickup truck, captures him declaring, “let’s remember $2 a gallon gas,” followed by a theatrical portrayal of him pumping gas into the vehicle’s tank. The imagery was intended to strike a chord with American voters, evoking memories of a time when fuel prices were notably lower. Yet, as the video gained traction, sharp-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice the glaring discrepancies in Pence’s gas-pumping theatrics. It became evident that he failed to press down on the fuel lever at any point during the display, rendering his actions devoid of any authenticity.

Adding to the comedy of errors was an incessant beeping sound that played in the background throughout the video. ( The source of the noise was unmistakable: the gas pump’s prompt asking for Pence to select a fuel grade. This auditory misstep only further undermined the credibility of the carefully crafted imagery. However, the coup de grâce of the awkward performance was Pence’s failure to simulate the most basic step of any gas station transaction: payment. He launched into his gas-pumping charade without a single motion to pay for the fuel, leaving viewers scratching their heads in disbelief.

The reaction on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, was swift and unforgiving. Users wasted no time in unleashing a barrage of humorous quips and scathing remarks. One user wryly remarked, “Pence has no clue how to pump gas.” Another user’s observation was equally pointed, suggesting, “Some consultant told Mike Pence it would be a good idea to pretend to gas up a pickup truck for a campaign video,” accompanied by crying laughing emojis. A particularly astute commenter teased, “Hey Pence, try paying for the gas first, maybe the pump will stop beeping throughout your entire campaign ad.”

Beyond the surface-level amusement, this incident exposed a deeper sentiment resonating among the online community. The failed attempt at relatability and the inability to execute a routine task struck a chord with many, shedding light on Pence’s perceived lack of “regular Joe” appeal. The incident only further fueled suspicions that his privileged background and elite upbringing might be a significant barrier in connecting with the broader American electorate.

As the video spread like wildfire across various online platforms, netizens from all walks of life chimed in with their perspectives. Some pointed out the irony of a prominent political figure stumbling over such a basic act, while others saw it as emblematic of the broader political climate, where optics and performative acts often overshadow substantive policy discussions. Memes flooded the internet, featuring Pence in various humorous situations, from trying to open a pickle jar to struggling with a garden hose, all playing on the gas-pumping fiasco. (

In an age where political discourse is often intense and divisive, the shared experience of laughter and mockery has brought a moment of unity. Across party lines and ideological beliefs, people found common ground in their amusement over the absurdity of the situation. It highlighted the power of humor as a unifying force, albeit temporarily, in an otherwise polarized landscape. (

As we navigate the twists and turns of the ongoing political campaigns, it’s clear that memorable moments like these can have a lasting impact on public perception. Whether this incident will leave a lasting mark on Mike Pence’s candidacy remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the internet’s swift and merciless response has given his opponents ample material to work with. (

So, dear readers, what are your thoughts on this unexpected episode? Do you believe such incidents genuinely reflect a candidate’s suitability for office, or are they merely a distraction from more important policy discussions? Share your insights and join the conversation in the comments below. ( After all, in a world where every action is scrutinized and every misstep can become fodder for viral content, it’s essential to ponder the significance of these moments in the grand scheme of our political discourse.

James Julian

James is a former journalist and a current author, independent writer, entrepreneur, and investor.

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