‘Sold His Soul to the Devil’: Barack Obama’s Estranged Brother Malik Shares Throwback Photo of the Former President, Calls Him a ‘Snake’ and a ‘Trader’ In Twitter Rant

The corridors of history echo with a familial rift that defies time itself. Former President Barack Obama, long removed from the seat of power, continues to bear the brunt of his half-brother Malik Obama’s unrelenting disdain. (glonme.com) Like a tempestuous storm resurfacing from the past, Malik’s sentiments have resurfaced in a cascade of tweets, a torrent of bitterness aimed squarely at his sibling. The stage was set on August 13, with a tweet laced with venom, “Me and Fake a— a snake (President Barack Obama) when he was a nobody,” accompanied by a snapshot of the brothers adorned in Kenyan attire. The following day, a retort followed, “Before he became a SNOB,” etched into the digital realm. (glonme.com)

The rancor, once unleashed, swelled like a tide, each subsequent tweet a sledgehammer shattering the walls of pretense. “I just wanted to be Fake a— a snake (President Barack Obama)’s big brother but he rejected me. He (President Barack Obama) is fake as a snake and is a TRAITOR,” Malik spat with fury, the words etched in digital ink, a mirror to his stormy emotions. As if crafting a potent incantation, Malik concluded his tirade with an accusatory dagger, proclaiming, “HE HAS SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL.”

Amidst the chorus of social media, voices emerged, each seeking to decode the enigmatic tapestry of familial strife. Some attributed the fracture to the jagged edges of jealousy, a sibling rivalry entrenched in the sands of time. Others speculated on a web woven from unrealized expectations and dashed hopes, where bonds of kinship were strained by the weight of ambition. Malik’s candid revelation, “That guy thinks he’s GOD. Trust me I TRIED!” offers a glimpse into the chasm that separates them.

This complex narrative gains depth as it harkens back to a time when the ties that bind were stronger. (atlantablackstar.com) A father’s legacy united them, and a 2013 GQ feature bore testament to their closeness. Yet, as history unfolded, the pages of their relationship took an unexpected turn. The mantle of presidency that descended upon Barack in 2009 seemed to alter the course of their bond, transforming it into an uncharted territory marked by communication breakdowns and a sense of estrangement. (atlantablackstar.com)

Malik’s reflections, delivered to Fox’s Sean Hannity in 2016, paint a vivid portrait of a relationship weathered by the pressures of power. Once a brother’s confidante, he now stood on the periphery, unable to bridge the gap that widened with every stride Barack took on the world stage. (t.co) (atlantablackstar.com) The White House’s hallowed halls, where they once embraced, became an elusive sanctuary, access granted only in fleeting moments.

The rift’s origins may remain obscured, yet a startling revelation emerges from the shadows. (t.co) Malik’s support for President Trump, an allegiance that defied familial ties, left an indelible mark on this tale of sibling discord. A spectacle unfolded as Trump summoned Malik to his final presidential debate in 2016, an event that signaled the culmination of a political alignment that transcended bloodlines. As Trump’s re-election campaign looms on the horizon, Malik’s unwavering support serves as a haunting refrain, a testament to the potent confluence of politics and family dynamics. (glonme.com)

The layers of this narrative peel back, revealing fragments of an intricate mosaic—a brotherhood forged in the crucible of shared roots, tested by the crucible of power. (glonme.com) The pain of a sibling bond frayed by the currents of ambition is palpable, leaving observers to ponder the delicate balance between kinship and the relentless march of politics. (gq.com) As you delve into this poignant tale, a question beckons: What drives a brother to turn his back on a sibling’s legacy, to cast aside the ties that once bound them in pursuit of divergent paths? Share your reflections and musings below, as we navigate the stormy seas of familial strife and the echoes of political resonance.

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