Texas data: At least four babies survived abortions in the first quarter of 2023

In the realm of startling revelations, the preliminary data emanating from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission has cast a disconcerting light on the harrowing stories of survival that have unfolded in the shadows. (liveaction.org) (liveaction.org) At the crossroads of life and choice, at least four babies emerged from the brink of abortion, their destinies shrouded in uncertainty, their cries for attention echoing through the corridors of moral contemplation.

The chilling chronicle unfolds over the first four months of 2023, a time when these fragile lives, against all odds, found themselves spared from the cruel hand of abortion. In the hushed corridors of medical facilities, three infants in January, their survival a testament to the fragility of life’s sanctity. Then, in April, a solitary soul, another survivor, emerged from the clutches of an abortion attempt. (liveaction.org) A lifeboat in a sea of uncertainty. (liveaction.org)

The haunting question lingers – did these courageous escapes from abortion’s grip occur within the confines of Texas, or did they transpire in distant lands but involve Texas residents? The data, though poignant, leaves this inquiry unanswered, the narrative shrouded in a mysterious fog.

In the intricate dance of data collection, the health landscape unfolds a perplexing narrative. Abortion providers and facilities, bound by regulations, transmit their reports to the Texas Health and Human Services (HHS), their voices weaving a tapestry of abortion’s complexities. Complications, diagnoses, and the delicate dance of survival – all threads in this enigmatic fabric.

For too long, the narrative has been dominated by denial, a whispered assertion that survivors of abortion are mere phantoms in the annals of medicine. Acknowledging their existence would challenge the very core of the abortion debate, forcing a recognition that these tiny lives possess a vigor that defies the boundaries of the womb. (glonme.com)

Yet, amidst the shadows of denial, data emerges as a harbinger of truth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dared to cast light on this unsettling truth. Over 12 years, more than a hundred infants were reported to have glimpsed life beyond abortion’s grasp, a revelation that challenges the very foundations of our moral discourse.

In Minnesota, the pages of the 2021 abortion report told a tragic tale. Five children, their existence acknowledged in the stark records, were born alive during abortions. Tragically, they received no medical care, left to grapple with life’s first breaths in an unforgiving world. Minnesota chose silence, opting not to report future numbers of these survivors, their voices buried beneath a chilling veil.

The annals of history, still fresh in memory, tell tales of a grisly nature. Over a hundred babies, bearing the stamp of abortion survivors, etched their stories into the records of just five states. The specter of Kermit Gosnell, an infamous abortionist who allowed survivors to perish or actively extinguished their lives, looms large. Yet, Gosnell is not an anomaly, but rather a stark reflection of a dark reality. (glonme.com)

Amidst this macabre tableau, a group of resilient souls emerges, their existence a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. (liveaction.org) Melissa Ohden, Paula Page, Josiah Presley, Claire Culwell, Jennifer Milbourn, Denisha Workiser, Hope Hoffman, and Dr. Imre Téglásy – their voices carry the weight of survival, their stories an embodiment of hope amidst despair. (liveaction.org)

In the midst of this labyrinthine narrative, Texas offers a glimpse into a chilling reality. (liveaction.org) Four survivors, marked by a miraculous escape from abortion’s clutches. Eighteen complications, ominously labeled as “incomplete abortion,” and three designated as “Failure to actually terminate the pregnancy.” Each statistic, a life, a story, an unanswered question.

The narrative weaves a haunting tapestry, a tapestry that demands our attention, our reflection, and our empathy. (hhs.texas.gov) (liveaction.org) In the shadows, where the sanctity of life teeters on the precipice, these survivors emerge as a testament to the fragility and resilience of the human spirit. (glonme.com) As their stories remain untold, the world watches, and the moral compass of our society quivers under the weight of their existence.

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