Transgender man who gave birth to TWO children with his trans wife opens up about their brutal struggle to conceive – and the bitter hate he faced while pregnant with his kids

In a story that defies convention and challenges societal norms, Syven and Tori embarked on a remarkable journey toward parenthood. As a transgender couple, they held an uncertain dream of becoming parents, but fate had other plans. Syven, who was assigned female at birth, discovered the incredible possibility of conceiving naturally. Thus began their extraordinary odyssey, a journey that would lead them to proudly declare, “My husband gave birth to our children.”

Photo credit: At first, Syven was doubtful he would be able have a baby, recalling: ‘It took so long to conceive I honestly thought it ain’t going to happen’

Their family now comprises a one-year-old son named Prophet and a one-month-old daughter named Wynter. Yet, the path to parenthood wasn’t without its hurdles for Syven and Tori, both of whom transitioned during their youth. The desire to have children had always burned within them, but as they embarked on this journey, doubt lingered. Syven, who had taken testosterone for an extended period, faced uncertainty, saying, “It took so long to conceive I honestly thought it ain’t going to happen.”

Photo credit: Syven said the downside of his pregnancy was ‘being judged’ for being a pregnant man – particularly when going to his doctor

Their elation upon discovering Syven’s pregnancy was palpable, but they were mindful of how the world might perceive their unique situation. Tori reflected on the misconceptions they encountered: “Misconceptions [people] have is that because you’re trans you can’t have kids.” While some received the news positively, others reacted with smirks and giggles, questioning the notion of a pregnant man. Syven recounted, “The negatives were basically, ‘Why are you having a kid if you’re supposed to be a man,’ ‘Men don’t have babies,’ and stuff like that.”

Photo credit: Syven knew from a ‘young age’ being a girl wasn’t who ‘he was’ when he was about five or six years old

Amidst these challenges, Syven cherished the experience of pregnancy but faced the harsh judgment of others. The discomfort manifested particularly during medical appointments. ( “You’re a pregnant man sitting around a whole bunch of females, looking at you like ‘no, it can’t be,’ or ‘why?’ Or ‘is it possible you’re faking?'” he explained. The weight of societal expectations bore down upon them.

Photo credit: He said his transition journey was ‘easy’ because he knew what he wanted and who he was meant to be

Syven embarked on his transition at a tender age, knowing his identity as early as five or six. While the journey was marked by its unique struggles, including rejection from friends and family when he started taking testosterone, he acknowledged, “All that comes with the transition.” Tori, assigned male at birth, commenced her transition during late adolescence, navigating the complexities of school life. She recalled, “My transition journey was good, but it was also rocky [because] I was still kind of in school.”

Photo credit: Tori was assigned male at birth, but started transitioning towards the end of school, admitting it was ‘rocky.’ Pictured before her transition

As parents, they faced additional misconceptions and judgments, with Tori being told she could “never be the mom.” Their path to parenthood was fraught with medical complications, including a preeclampsia diagnosis and a harrowing birth experience for Prophet, culminating in Syven’s hemorrhage. Amid these trials, they emerged with a profound realization: the paramount importance of their family’s health and safety.

Photo credit: Tori started transitioning when she was in her late teens when she was about 18 or 19

Parenthood brought about a transformation. ( Tori articulated this change, stating, “[Having kids] completely changes you, it matures you.” Their close-knit extended family played a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of their transitions, forging stronger bonds in the process. Syven noted, “I honestly think my transition made my relationship with my parents closer.”

Photo credit: When Prophet was six months old, Syven found out he was pregnant with Wynter, which he admitted was a ‘surprise’

Despite negative comments and societal prejudice, Syven and Tori stand unwavering, urging those who taunt them to “mind their own business.” They are setting powerful examples for their children, believing that success is their destiny. ( Tori asserts, “Because our kids are going to be successful because we are.” (

Photo credit: Syven and Tori with their children, Syven’s mom (left) and brother (right)

Their story serves as a testament to resilience, love, and the enduring human spirit. In the face of adversity, they stand united, unyielding in their determination to nurture their family. ( Syven and Tori yearn for a world that provides more support to pregnant trans individuals and their families, encouraging others to embrace the journey of parenthood. Their story transcends the boundaries of convention, reminding us all that love knows no limits and that the most extraordinary dreams can become reality.

Photo credit: Syven said he couldn’t wait to teach and protect Prophet and Wynter as they grow up
Photo credit: Tori said haters should ‘keep their opinions to themselves and mind their business’

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