Whoopi Goldberg slammed for ‘gross and unprofessional’ behavior on The View

Last Thursday on The View, Whoopi Goldberg seemed to have something in her mouth while discussing Jason Aldean’s song. Although she wasn’t seen eating on camera, viewers noticed her pausing to chew and swallow while reading her notecards. This sparked criticism from fans who found it gross and unprofessional. Some took to Twitter to express their dismay, pointing out that this wasn’t the first time Whoopi had been seen eating on air. The general consensus was that viewers didn’t want to witness Whoopi eating during the show. This incident is the latest in a series of controversies surrounding Whoopi on The View, as she has faced criticism for other on-air behavior. Despite the scrutiny, it appears Whoopi’s relationship with the producers remains intact. While it remains uncertain whether Whoopi will eat on camera again, hopefully, the criticism subsides, allowing her to focus on her role as a panelist.

Last Thursday on The View, the audience’s attention shifted from the hot topic panel about Jason Aldean’s song to something unexpected. (glonme.com) Some keen-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice that Whoopi Goldberg appeared to be finishing up a meal as she opened the discussion. Although the camera didn’t catch her in the act of eating, there were noticeable pauses in her speech, suggesting that she might have been chewing and swallowing during the segment. (monstersandcritics.com) The sight of a panelist eating while discussing serious matters on a national talk show didn’t sit well with some fans, who deemed it gross, unprofessional, and unnecessary.

Venting their disapproval on social media, viewers expressed their frustration with the situation. (monstersandcritics.com) One Twitter user wrote, “@TheView can someone please feed Whoopi Goldberg BEFORE the show, how many times she goes on air with food in mouth smh,” implying that this wasn’t the first instance of Whoopi eating on camera. Another commenter humorously remarked, “The opening greeting is Eat-talking?! (glonme.com) #TheView We’re so rude to interrupt her brunch #Hottopics.”

While the exact moment of her eating wasn’t caught on camera, it was evident to many that Whoopi might have taken a bite right before going live. One user asked, “Umm Whoopi, could you not put something in your mouth before taking the stage?” A reply echoed the sentiment, stating, “Chile, I peeped that too! (monstersandcritics.com) It’s gross & unprofessional!!! She struggled to read the damn card!!!!” The consensus was clear – viewers didn’t want to see Whoopi eat while discussing important issues.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Whoopi Goldberg has faced criticism for her on-air behavior on The View. She previously came under fire for being a bit rude to her co-host, Sunny Hostin, after miswriting information on her notecard. (glonme.com) When Sunny corrected her, Whoopi responded curtly and gave a noticeable side-eye to the cameras. Additionally, there were moments when Whoopi’s reactions to unexpected situations on the show, like Joy Behar’s phone ringing, didn’t sit well with some viewers. These incidents led to calls for Whoopi to retire from the show.

Despite the controversies, it seems that Whoopi Goldberg’s relationship with the producers remains relatively stable. (monstersandcritics.com) She has been involved in heated exchanges behind the scenes, but it appears they haven’t resulted in any serious consequences for the actress. While the scrutiny may persist, it is hoped that the criticism will subside, allowing Whoopi to focus on her role as a panelist and engage in meaningful discussions on the show. (glonme.com)

The View’s viewers, being politically mature individuals from the USA, have a keen eye for the conduct of their favorite panelists. As this story continues to unfold, what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you believe that eating on air is unprofessional, or do you think it’s a minor concern blown out of proportion? Share your perspectives and insights in the comments below. Let’s engage in a thoughtful conversation about the expectations we have for public figures and the nuances of on-air behavior. (monstersandcritics.com)

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