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Trump Melts Down After His Official Is Sent To Jail

In a recent statement on Truth Social, Donald Trump praised Peter Navarro for his dedication to safeguarding the U.S. economy against foreign threats. Trump lauded Navarro’s expertise in preventing the country from being taken advantage of by other nations and commended him for his unwavering loyalty and love for the United States.

Trump emphasized the importance of studying Navarro’s book and urged for his insights to be respected. He described Navarro as a patriot who has faced unjust treatment but continues to press forward. Trump concluded his message with a note of optimism, expressing confidence that victory will ultimately prevail.

Peter Navarro, who previously served in the White House under former President Trump, has been instructed to report to a Miami prison by March 19 to commence a four-month sentence for defying a House Jan. 6 committee subpoena.

This directive came to light through a court filing on Sunday by Navarro’s attorney, Stanley Woodward.Back in January, U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta handed down a four-month prison term to Navarro and imposed a fine of $9,500.

While this sentence was shorter than the six months sought by prosecutors, Judge Mehta significantly reduced the $200,000 fine originally requested by the Justice Department.

Navarro, a former aide in the Trump administration, is seeking intervention from an appeals court to halt the sentence while he challenges his conviction.

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